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The goal of PS4L is to ensure that we have the best programs at hand to help communities improve their lives, utilizing sports. PS4L cannot do this alone. Assistance with volunteering and funding is an essential need for operations.

The Magic Ladies

The Magic Ladies football program aims to grow the game, get more girls involved in it earlier, keep more women in the game longer, and to drive the empowerment of women and the societal benefits of football.

Our Goal Is To Develop Well Rounded And Balanced Footballers

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Conditioning
  • Character


Play Sport4Life runs daily school programs in conjunction with “Life Orientation”, a multi-faceted school subject, which currently forms part of the curriculum with physical education an entity.

We also have quarterly school holiday programs offering half-day activities, and sports clinics aimed at raising the skills level of students and educators.

The EduSport program also features sports leagues accommodating 11 schools across various district codes.

Club Development

One of the anchors of our community involvement is our Local Club Support program. The most beneficial impact of sport comes from team building which has a flow-on effect in the lived experience. It benefits individuals as well as the community. Those that are involved bond and develop together. What emerges is a tight-knit group with the focus on reaching a common goal. From this, comes support from the wider community a team to rally around, support, and build a sense of belonging.

PS4L sponsors numerous sports clubs around the Cape Town area. These clubs include the well-established Kenfac Phillies Softball Club, the local institution Norway Parks Soccer Club and Maitland Giants Baseball Club. Play Sport 4Life provides operational support depending upon their needs.

Women in Sport

Play Sport4Life is doing its part to help address the huge gender imbalance in sport in the disadvantaged communities. Our experienced team manages a Talent Identification Program to find and nurture our young girls and women. Special coaches are available to work with females to ensure they receive appropriate and equal mentoring to advance their game and life skills set.

Ultimately, Play Sport4Life’s aim is to create a vibrant School of Excellence for women in sport to ensure that we uncover and develop the full potential of these athletes.

Athlete Development

The end game, for PS4L, is to develop as many elite athletes across as many sports codes as we can manage.

The focus will always be on athlete development for women and men which will require identifying the raw talent that is hidden in our disadvantaged communities. Our organisation has a structure in place to manage the journey from school to club level, through to provincial and ultimately national levels. Negotiations for a community-based development centre is underway to assist in the facilitation of athlete development.

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