CASO – Caring Project: Building Communities, Social Inclusion and Health Development

The CASO Project has utilized PS4L’s structure program of EduSport with great success. CASO was developed in October 2016, to place healthcare learners in community based clinical settings: teach basic healthy lifestyle principles & enhance physical activity, and education: as well as involving local communities in healthcare education which will focus on strengthening the competence level and professional position of healthcare professionals.

PS4L and CASO have created a close relationship, through their mutual beliefs in the importance of promoting community development with the use of health and wellness principles. Similar to PS4L, CASO has implemented the use international student interns to help drive their cause of enhancing healthcare. Interns from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Finland have been placed in a few of PS4L’s target EduSport schools, since the beginning of February.

PS4L has established relationships and implemented EduSport with ten of the most disadvantaged primary schools in the Kensington, Factreton, and Maitland areas to provide learners with much needed physical education classes. The Edusport program’s activities are planned according to the developmental need of learners and in consultation with the school’s sports coordinator and principal. The dialogue between PS4L coaching staff and school management insures that the work of PS4L is of value to the learners.

The CASO volunteer student interns have been placed in St. Johns Primary, Kenmere Primary, and Garden Village Primary School. All the schools have praised them for maximizing their coaching/teaching opportunity, despite the school’s limited resources.  These international healthcare students have provided invaluable lessons for the students at these schools and will be missed dearly when they return home this April.


PS4L Objectives:

  1. Getting youth off the streets and in a safe environment where they can play, have fun and learn basic principles and values such as teamwork and respect.
  2. Using the sporting environment to educate the children in our community about dealing with everyday dangers such as substance abuse, gangsterism, domestic violence and having unprotected sex.
  3. Getting children off the streets and away from gangsters who can influence them whilst parents are working and not able to supervise them.
  4. Providing employment opportunities for individuals in our community within the sporting environment.
  5. Developing and nurturing individuals to serve as future role models for our community.
  6. Getting more girls and women in the community to participate in sport.

Developing and nurturing individuals to become professional athletes.

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