Community Football Development Initiative

On Saturday, 15th August, Play Sport 4 Life held their weekly community football development progamme in Pinelands, Cape Town. Despite the cold and wet weather conditions, players, parents and spectators arrived in good spirits ready for kick off.

The purpose of the initiative is to unite communities through sport as well as getting children off the streets by occupying their time and getting them involved with something they enjoy. The age groups range from under 7 to under 11, with both an A and B side. This allows all players to get an equal amount of game time and a chance to show off their skills on the field, which they, and their parents, appreciate.

“I think it’s a really great initiative. I love the set up of all age groups playing at the same venue as it saves me having to go to two different fields to watch my boys, who play under 9 and under 11.”, says Ghadija Ismail, a regular supporter at the event. “I support Saxon Rovers because both my sons play there, but I can strike up conversations with parents from other clubs because Play Sport 4 Life has created a close, family-like football community.” Mrs. Ismail continues in saying that she has noticed a significant improvement in her sons’ behaviours since their participation in the programme. “Come rain or shine they are always ready to come and play.”

“PS4L gives the children in our local communities an opportunity to develop more than just football skills.”, says coach Godfrey of Norway Parks’ under 11 team. “It allows them to grow as individuals and brings them together because of the various age groups. Growing up in Kensington you know how important it is to get them off the streets. This programme is a very good idea and I enjoy it with my team every Saturday. Sometimes they get upset about not winning but they know that the sport is about much more than that.”



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